Hitchin Classes

Tuesday Classes

5.15 pm - 5.50pm - Primary (5+ years old)

6pm - 6.35pm - Standard 1 (6.5+ years old)



Westmill Community Centre, John Barker Place, Hitchin, SG5 2PG

Friday Classes

4 pm - 4.35pm - Primary (5+ years old)

4.45pm - 5.20pm- Standard 1 (6.5+ years old)

5.30pm - 6.05pm - Standard 2 (7.5+ years old)

6. 15pm - 6.50pm- Grade 2  (8.5+ years old)

7pm - 7.35pm  - Grade 3 (10+ years old)




St Mary's Church House



Sg5 1HP


Your child is welcome to join us at any time throughout the term. Class fees are charged termly.

If your child joins The Ballet Academy partway through the term, fees will then be calculated on a pro-rata basis.



We are temporarily suspending the offer two pack trials at the moment due to adhering to Covid 19 guidelines, if you are interested in the two pack trial, please do still get in touch as this is subject to change, please fill in the contact form below or send us an email to hello@theballetacademy.com